Missions & Evangelism Program Curriculum

All courses are 3 credit hours

Year 1 (Certificate Programme)

First Module (Fall)

ESC 011 Use of English/Creative Writing

BST 111 Understanding the Bible

BST 112 Pentateuch

BST 113 United Kingdom

BST 114 New Testament Survey


Second Module (Winter)

BST 121 Divided Kingdom

BST 122 Poetry or Poetical books

BST 123 Major Prophets

BST 124 Life of Christ

BST 125 Acts and Epistles


Third Module (Spring)

BST 131 Epistle and Revelation

THE 132 Foundational Experiences

THE 133 The Law and the Spirit

THE 134 The Bible Speaks of Contemporary Issues

ESC 135 Research Methods
Year 2 (Diploma Programme)
Year 3 (Associate Degree)
Year 4 (Bachelors Degree)