Missions & Evangelism

Missions & Evangelism

It has been noticed that greater numbers of denominations today are greeting with scorn the command of Great Commission in Matt 28;19 by Jesus Christ.
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PhD: 3 Years Post Masters

Program Description

It has been noticed that greater numbers of denominations today are treating with levity, the command of The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 by Jesus Christ. Many Christians think of it as being social order, building of hospitals and civilization. Missions still remains as a witness and presentation of eternal salvation performed in the name of Jesus Christ through the preaching.

Missions and Evangelism may look alike, in that they are all aimed at soul winning, but Missions goes beyond, into knowing the targeted people, the culture and the language of those people. Missions is establishing of relationship. It has its source from the Triune God. Therefore Missions, which is the Mission of the Church, is the Mission of God. He is commanding all believers to go into all nations for this purpose.

The College, therefore in her curriculum, places strong emphasis on the neglected Great Commission, without which the Church may cease to exist. The Church also exists for Missions and Evangelism.

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