Ministry here is not confined to the secular context but as per religious usage particularly in Christian perspective.
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Available Program Levels:

Certificate: 1 Year

Diploma: 2 Years

Associate: 3 Years

Degree: 4 Years

Masters: 2 Years Post Degree

PhD: 3 Years Post Masters

Program Description

Ministry here is not confined to the secular context but as per religious usage, particularly in Christian perspective.

First and foremost, what makes an acclaimed minister the minister of the Gospel, is the ministry embedded in him or her by the Holy Spirit, which sometimes precedes his going into a theological college. It puts one in the office as a servant of God,  even from the Bible time.

The Bible College plays a significant part in enabling a student to discover the area of his calling as either a Prophet, a Teacher, Apostle, Evangelist or Pastor. The Bible College doesn’t give this calling but it sharpens, moulds and equips, and serves as an eye opener to discover it through teachings.

Secondly, ministry is what the church is and how she operates, her roles in relation to all the faithful and of the world at large, what she is doing at the present and where she is leading the people to.

Thirdly, Theological College serves as a pointer to showing students the right way and as a voice that articulates to the world without syncretism. In this field many relevant subjects are selected to equip the students for the service.


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